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Honhey Electronics located south to the Yangtse River in the East of China, was founded in 1988 and is specialized in designing and manufacturing high-performance electronic temperature measuring and controlling products.

Our products include Thermometer, Digital Thermometer, Clinical Thermometer, Infrared Thermometer, LED thermometer, Car Thermometer, Hygrothermograph etc.

Honhey Electronics is a famous manufacturer of temperature measuring and controlling instrument . We have 50 excellent technical engineers, also have complete and advanced equipments. Our products passed ISO9002 International Quality System Approval and CE Approval.

This is why very important companies and state-approved organizations have been buying and using our products for years.

Honhey Electronics provide more than 90 models . we sincerely welcome ODM,OEM and customer-made orders at home and abroad. It is worth while reliant to cooperate with us.

We commend that HT836, CL603 fight back flu, it is a perfect product for you.

Humidity Temperature and Healthy

For temperature, the comfort zone is about 20 -22°C for a clothed person in the winter, and 20 -24°C in the summer. An increase in temperature above the comfort level may make you tired and sleepy. A decrease in temperature may make you restless and less attentive. People vary in their feelings about what is a comfortable temperature, and this depends on what they are doing and what they are wearing. If you are running in an overcoat, you will feel hotter than if you are sitting still in your underwear, even if you are in the same room!

Age and gender can also make a difference. Old people, people with disabilities, babies and young children typically feel more comfortable at higher temperatures. Women notice that they are feeling cool quicker than men, which may be related to their different body size, but is also related to a difference in the how quickly women respond to changes in temperature. Women reduce the blood flow to their arms, hands and feet faster than men if they cool down, resulting in colder fingers and toes. This reduction in blood flow is a way of regulating body temperature.

"Humidity" describes the amount of water vapour in the air . Humidity levels affect your comfort and health inside your home just as much as they do outside. Not too sticky, Not too dry, Just right.Too much humidity can promote the growth of mildew, fungi, bacteria and viruses, and make warm temperatures feel even warmer. Too little humidity increases static electricity, creates dry conditions and can make cool temperatures feel even cooler.

The recommended indoor humidity in a home should be between 30 to 50%. Too much or too little humidity over a long period can result in health problems.

Honhey thermometers can help you keep right temperature and humidity,and live in comfortable environment.

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